Budget Calculator

You have a need for videography services but your budget is limited.  We’re here to help!

Below you can play around with how many hours of coverage you need, and the length of edit you’re looking for.   Whether it’s a wedding or some other family event, we’d love to help you out!  CONTACT US once the math is done!  Keep in mind we have a $400 minimum charge for HD event videography services.

Notes: Cameras used are Canon HD camcorders which adjust automatically to most lighting conditions. One camera weddings use a tripod for stabilization, two camera weddings have the second camera mounted to a monopod for mobility.  Unless audio package is selected, we will record on camera audio which may not be ideal based on the circumstances of your venue.

  • A running total is kept below!
  • ONE CAMERA SHOOT ($75/hr) and EDIT ($2.50/min)
  • TWO CAMERA SHOOT ($100/hr) and EDIT ($5/min)

Double check that you have only selected “a one camera shoot and edit” OR a “two camera shoot and edit” BUT NOT BOTH!  When finished, please make note of your choices and include these selections in your message to us through our CONTACT FORM!  (It opens in a new tab, so you can go back and forth too!)